Thursday, 15 January 2015

Richard Bocklage

Richard Bocklage

  This is an older case (from 1980) and there is not alot about it on the internet. It has always interested me and I still hope they catch this guy one day. Richard Bocklage is wanted for the September 18th, 1980 murder of Tanya Kopric. Kopric was a 34 year old doctor at a hospital in Kansas City who immigrated from Yougoslavia.  Bocklage was a pharmaceutical student at the University of Missouri.
  The 2 dated for 6 months and were living together and then got engaged. But alot of their friends had their doubts. Alot of people thought that Bocklage was mooching off of Kopric and he was also failing his classes at University. Eventually Bocklage got expelled and started acting crazy. He begged Kopric to use her pull to get him back into class. He even went as far as showing up for classes pretending he never got expelled. This eventually led to Kopric breaking up with Bocklage and kicking him out of the apartment that they lived in.

Gender: MaleDOB: 7/12/57Height: 6’0” Weight: 170 lbs.Eyes: BrownHair: BrownDefining Characteristics: Vertical scars under each armpit 

  Then on September 18th, 1980 Tanya Kopric was found in her car dead, shot 3 times with a .45 calibre semi automatic. Witnesses at the scene said they seen Bocklage walk up and shoot Kopric 3 times in the face. Also Bocklage had just recently purchased a .45 calibre pistol.
  6 days later Bocklages vehicle was found 935 km north abandoned in Canada. Bocklage is wanted for capital murder.
  Another creepy note on this case is that the Kopric family received a letter in Bocklages hand wrighthing which was post marked 2 days before the murder that read "Dear Kopric family, Your daughter Tanya, Has been executed in Kansas City, Missouri, she has caused so much grief, anguish, and turmoil to so many Americans that this act was necessary. Her execution was inevitable."
I wish there was more information on this case I know its like 35 years old and very unlikely to be solved.



  1. He's probably long dead. I didn't know him, but I knew the rest of his immediate family. They have had no contact with him since 1980 He was probably schizophrenic, from the signs he was showing. His parents have since passed.

    1. I bet you are right. Stranger cases have been solved though. Who knows though.

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  3. Does anyone know his Dob? Or his age? It's surprising that there is so little info on this guy..

  4. I think there's a chance he may still be out there. The thing is, the detective in KC assigned to his case thought Richard had slipped back to the US at some point. AMW aired his case in 2001. The KCPD Cold case website did have him listed at one point. He is 6'2", 145-155 lbs. with vertical scars under his armpits from surgery. He has extensive experience camping. He does have ties to MN. An update I read on this case from five years ago indicated that the witnesses to the murder are still alive. We'll have to see if they make another effort to find him again. I can say this: the detective did believe he was still alive as of 1992.