Thursday, 22 February 2018

Anchorage Crime

Anchorage, Alaska
This happened along time ago just though I would post it anyway.
 Seventeen years after teenager Bonnie Craig was abducted from a South Anchorage street, raped, beaten and left for dead in a creek along Turnagain Arm, a Superior Court judge on Monday handed down the sentence for Craig's convicted killer.
Kenneth Dion, 42, was sentenced to serve 124 years for the killing, which haunted Anchorage for years. Judge Jack Smith did not issue any suspended time.
A hiker found Craig's body facedown and submerged in McHugh Creek on a chilly autumn day, Sept. 28, 1994. Years went by with few good leads, until semen found in Craig matched DNA taken from Dion in 2006, when he was convicted of a string of armed robberies in New Hampshire.

Anchorage Mug Shots
Lay off the fucking meth. I think I will never get another boner again.
This supermodel stole money. 99% sure it was for charity. Fucking meth head.
Name: Vanwinkle, Darya Lillis
Gender: FemaleRace: Caucasian
DOB: 1955/10/06Age: 62
Height: 5ft2inWeight: 140
Hair: Long RedEyes: Blue
In all reality large Marge here really didn't do anything that bad failure to appear for a theft charge. But it doesn't say what it stole I am willing to bet some sort of food item, probably in bulk.
Name: Stamper, Olivia Maria
Gender: WhaleRace: Caucasian
DOB: 1979/06/14Age: 38
Height: 5ft4inWeight: 230 tons
Hair: Other BrownEyes: Brown

Shit just went down hill for this fucker after the original Karate Kid movie. This sensai likes to wax on and wax off, on children.
Forgot to register himself as a sex offender. I am assuming he was too busy drinking listerine, scope, and huffing gas on the streets of Anchorage. Honest mistake.
Name: Ticket, Wilson Junior
Gender: MaleRace: Native American
DOB: 1947/09/05Age: 70
Height: 5ft4inWeight: 130
Hair: Other GrayEyes: Brown

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