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The Wichita Massacre

The Wichita Massacre

  Savage, ugly, worthless, pieces of fucking shit. Again another pointless worthless crime committed by 2 brothers which was so violently disgusting it makes me sick. It also bothers me that this got little to no media attention when it happened. Now I am not PC but if these were 2 white men who did this to 6 black people all hell would break loose in the media. But it wasn't the case here it was 2 black men who for the hell of it decided to go out and kill 5 white people and seriously injure another (which their intent was to kill her).
  The picture you see there of those 2 goofs there is that of the Carr brothers. Reginald 22 and Jonathan 20 both had very hefty criminal records already. These crimes were committed in December of 2000. 

Crime Spree: The crimes spree started on December 8th, 2000 when they arrived in Wichita they committed armed robbery against a baseball coach. Andrew Schreiber 23 was an assistant baseball coach at Newman University in Wichita. He was at a convenience store when the brothers brandished a gun and took him in his car and made him withdraw $800 from atms. Just 3 days later
Ann Walenta
 they shot and mortally wounded a librarian Ann Walenta 55 she died in the hospital 3 days later. Her and her husband had just recently moved to their neighbourhood to avoid crime. When Ann parked her SUV in the drive way a black man approached her and told her he needed help. Then pulled out a gun and in cold blood just shot her and left.It was like a gun game to them. But that was just the beginning of it.
  On the night of December 14th, 2000 they invaded a home where 5 people where enjoying the night. The people at the home Brad Heyka, Heather Muller, Aaron Sander, Jason Befort, and the lone survivor only known as HG. After they all had dinner and went to bed. One of the men that lived at the home Jason Befort who was in his bed with a woman HG* noticed the porch light came on. He got up to go turn it off.
  Then all of a sudden two armed black males entered the bedroom. While one stayed in there the other rounded up all the others in the house. The intruders demanded that they all take their clothes off. Then they asked them all if they had any money? They then forced them to have sex with one another.
  Befort was the first one they allowed to get dressed and as one of the brothers drove him to an atm the other stayed and guarded the other 4. Then the one brother raped HG. Then took her to an atm to withdraw cash. After that Heyka and Sander were also taken to atms the only one who wasn't was Muller.
  Then the 5 were driven to a soccer field in the snow. Then were ordered to kneel down in the field.
They were all shot execution style it the head. HG being the only survivor. While they were in the 
snow the 2 brothers went back to the house and stole more items and even killed HG's dog. HG was able to make it to a close house and call 911.
   The next morning Befort's truck was featured on the news as the shit stained brothers stole it and left it outside of an apartment building they were at. A neighbour seen it there and phoned the police. Then another man that lived on the building told police that he helped a man move a large screen tv into an apartment. That led them right to Reginald Carr who was living with his white girlfriend.
  The other waste of skin Jonathan was also at his girlfriends house mooching of the mother. When the mother realised he had committed the crime she left to the neighbours to call 911. When Jonathan knew the cops were coming he started to run even losing a shoe in the process. The cops eventually caught him. Ann Walenta was still alive at the hospital at this time. She pointed at Reginald Carr as the man that shot her.

Sentencing:  The brothers were sentenced to death in 2002. Worst thing about this is although still on death row, Kansas may overturn the death penalty which means I will have to wait longer to piss and shit all over their graves. As of July 25th, 2014 their death sentence has been over turned and it makes me fucking sick.

  • Reginald has a 7 year old son which of course he does not support financially.
  • HG the un named victim who was viciously raped by these savages caught an STD from one or odds are both of the Carr brothers. 
This is utter bullshit. These sub humans got their sentences commuted to live.
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Nikko Jenkins

Nikko Jenkins
Kill this stinky useless nigger NOW why fucking wait?
Had Enough White People?

  I have profiled a lot of pieces of shit on here (excuse the language here but it is hard with this guy). Before it was really hard to decide which fucking scumbag on here that I blogged about I wanted to see die first or worse. This guy is right up there with child molesters in my book and isn`t just because he is the ugliest piece of shit I have ever seen in my life either. Nikko was shit out onto this earth on September 16th, 1986.
  Nikko or ink face or what ever went on a spree kill in Omaha, Nebraska in 2013. He thinks he is a straight up gangster. Now I never heard about this loser until recently. Which I am amazed this wasn`t international news. I actually had a friend from Omaha inform me about him and I googled him and after laughing at what he looked like for a long time I read about his crimes WOW.
He claims to commit his crimes because he is under the influence of some ancient serpent god Àpophis. Sort of reminds me a little bit about that Jeremy Steinke who thought he was a 300 year old were wolf. I think the 2 would make great cell mates. I am pretty sure Steinke would be Nikkos bitch though and be the receiver and Nikko would be the passer.
  His murder spree occurred within a month after he served a 10 year prison term for armed robbery and assault. But that 10 year prison term wasn't Nikko's only stint behind bars. He has been in and out since the age of 7. Yes 7 that is not a typo. He brought a loaded calibre .22 hand gun to school. Some parents or as you can tell by looking at him parent. We will get into his piece of shits mother in a bit here but now back to Nikko's prison time.
  When he was 11 he got kicked out of a group home for repetitive violence. He dropped out of school at 11 also. Then when he was 12 he committed multiple assaults and even one with a knife. He spent a bit of time in a youth detention centre for those. That never taught him anything he got his first taste of real prison in 2003 shortly after being released from the youth detention centre for 2 armed car jackings.
  While he was in jail he was charged twice once for starting a riot. Then he was even disrespectful enough to assault a prison guard who took him to his grandmothers funeral. He was released from prison in 2013.

The Murders: Less than 2 weeks after Ink face was released from prison he shot dead Juan Uribe-Pena 26 and Jorge C. Cajiga-Ruiz 29. They were discovered with their pockets turned inside out in a pick up truck parked near an Omaha swimming pool. The two victims were lured out to the area with promises of receiving sex acts from 2 of Ink Face's female relatives.Which were later found out to be his sister Erica Jenkins and a female friend named Christine Bordeaux. Ink face then shot both victims in the head then robbed them of their cash. pictured on the right is Cajiga-Ruiz who was 29.

  But the rampage does not end there, after in cold blood this animal killed 2 people he decided to do it again.

  Then a little over a week later Curtis Bradford 22 was found shot dead outside a garage after getting done working the night shift at a store. It was also found out that that same day Ink face and Bradford posed for a facebook photo together. Bradford was referred to Jenkins as ``His Little Homie``. He was also a prison acquaintance. Jenkins committed this crime with his sister Erica Jenkins. His sister shot Bradford first and then Ink face finished him off claiming his sister didn't do it right. Below is a photo of Ink face with his so called homie Bradford.
 Then 3 days later Andrea Kruger 33 (a mother of 3) was found shot dead lying on the road after her night bartending shift. She was driving home to tend to one of her sick children. Her SUV had been stolen by Ink face and 3 of his relatives. One of which is Ink face's uncle Warren J Levering 51 the other 2 being Erica Jenkins and Christine Bordeaux. Apparently they were looking for an SUV to steal to go out and rob people to get money to attend a lil Wayne concert. Ink face shot her 3 times after dragging her out of the drivers seat while the others blocked her when they ambushed her at a stop sign. She was shot in the head, neck, and back. Then while they left her on the road for dead Ink face's uncle Levering ate the McDonald's that Kruger bought for her son on the way home from work. In a phone conversation between Ink face and his sister his sister was mad at him for not throwing Krugers body in a ditch.
  At the trial it seemed that Ink face felt bad about killing Kruger saying that he only killed women if Apophis commanded him to. He also stated he had committed many carjackings prior without killing anyone.
The Arrest: He was arrested on unrelated terrorist threat charges on August 30th, 2013. But the cops were already on to him as they caught a female accomplice of his purchasing the bullets used to commit the murders.

The Trial: Ink face pleaded guilty to all 4 counts of the killings. He also said in a letter which he wrote to the Omaha World Herald that he would protect Apophis Kingdom with animalistic savage brutality.
On February 19th, 2014 Ink face filed a law suit for 24.5 million against the state of Nebraska for wrongfully releasing him. He claimed that he was hearing voices from Apophis and they were completely ignored.
He represented himself in court. He pleaded guilty but said that he committed the murders under the act of Apophis. He blamed the prison guards for the murders and that being kept in solitary confinement augmented his schizophrenia. During the trial he was howling and laughing as the prosecutors recalled details of the victims deaths. After all that he then pleaded no contest.
  After all that circus of this shit face was done which was known as The Nikko Show. He howled while getting dragged out of the court room.
  On April 16th, 2014 he was found guilty of all 4 murders. As of this date he is in a Lincoln, Nebraska psychiatric hospital.

More About This Shit Stain On Society: Apparently on the night Ink face got out of jail his mother threw a get together at a Travel Lodge Motel. Which was attended by the family. Apparently Ink face has a wife Chalonda and a girlfriend Sherry Floyd who is 48 and also has tattoos all over her face. I guess that night Ink face hopped in the shower with Floyd and it almost made Chalonda and Floyd get into a scrap. Apparently Chalonda was threatened by a weapon from Floyd earlier.

Lori Jenkins: Lori Jenkins is Ink faces mother. She was 47 at the time of the murders and was charged with covering up 3 of the 4 murders. She was sentenced to 10 years in federal prison. Of Loris 6 children 4 were arrested in the same month that this shit show went on.
Erica Jenkins: Erica Jenkins is Ink faces sister. She is an ugly pig herself too 
piercings all over her face. That's her to the left incase you couldn't figure it out. Just hideous. She was charged with murder in the Bradford slaying. She is also being charged as an accomplice in the others. If you thought that was bad she is also being charged for robbing a gas station earlier in the year and for assaulting inmates when she was in prison earlier in the year. She is also going to be charged with an assault that she committed on an officer while leaving court.
  She is almost as loud mouthed as her brother yelling out in court ``How can I be a murderer, I am pregnant``. Yes I know it is hard to believe that any sane person even Ink face would have sex with her but she was infact  months pregnant at the time. She also has a 7 year old son in protective custody with the state now. So she is shitting out batches to be just as bad. Arrest or abort those kids now! This family has shown with their blood they are  born failures.
If you thought that was bad and fucked up she actually had the nerve to say in jail that sentencing her brother to death was evil and sinful. She said we are all human beings and no one has a right to take another ones life. This family is fucked.

Sherry Floyd: Sherry Floyd was Ink faces girlfriend that he met while at his grandmothers funeral in 2009. Yes the same one where he attacked a prison guard at. She claims that she visited Ink face in prison she gave him over 30,000 dollars. I imagine from either drug sales, prostitution, or robberies. I figure that because I am guessing welfare checks and food stamps can not stretch that far.
  Floyd even tattooed her face to be like Ms Ink face at his request. I couldn't find any photos of this pig with tattoos on her face. But apparently she has perniciousness on her forehead meaning evil and another tattoo that translates into I will die and kill for you.
  Floyd says that because of this case she lives in fear and had to move because of this case.

Charlotte Jenkins: (Nikko's Wife) It looks like a male buck nigger.

  • On the night of Ink faces release he stated to his mother he wanted to go to Florida commit a bunch of robberies. After that move to Cuba and take martial arts and then join their military so he could fight against the United States.
  • Ink Face met his girlfriend Sherry Floyd at his grandmothers funeral the same one where he attacked the prison guard at.
  • Ink face`s own father David  Magge states that his own sun burst into his own home and pull a sawed off shot gun on him.
  • Since Ink face had to fire the gun properly to kill Bradford his sister Erica was upset with him because he robbed her of her first kill.
  • I recommend that everyone with a facebook page to like this page Death Sentence for Nikko Jenkins
Conclusions: This family is fucked execute them all. This is out of control and it is great most are in custody. What a family tree to be proud of. I could write for days about these losers they are all over the internet. I feel sorry for the residents of Omaha that had to and still have to worry about some of this waste of skin roaming around on their streets.

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Cody Legebokoff

Cody Legebokoff

Cody Legebokoff is a Canadian serial killer known to of killed at least 4 women between 2009 and 2010. He was born January 21st, 1990.  Friends and family were shocked when the man that they described as having no signs of being violent was charged with these horrific crimes. He was known as the boy next door even playing hockey. Legebokoff grew up in Fort St. James a small town outside of Prince George, British Columbia.
  At the time of the murders Legebokoff was living in Prince George with some roommates and working at a ford dealership in the city.
Legebokoff also had a minor criminal record but certainly not someone anyone including the police would suspect as a serial killer.
  Baffling enough is he also had a girlfriend at the time of the killings that he said one day he wanted to settle down with. Apparently she even attended his court cases. He is the youngest serial killer in Canadian history.

The Arrest: On November 27th, 2010 a police officer along Highway 27 just east of Prince George a police noticed a truck pull off a logging road onto the highway. According to the officer the truck was speeding and he pulled it over. When the officer went up to the vehicle the officer noticed blood on Legebokoff`s chin,  legs, and on the mat of drivers side. Her was later joined by another officer.
  While searching the truck the officers noticed a bloody wrench. Also found was a monkey looking back pack containing a childrens hospital card with the name Loren Leslie on it. When Legebokoff was questioned about the blood he told the officers that he clubbed a deer to death and he is a redneck and that is what they do for fun.
  On the spot Legebokoff was arrested under the Canadian Wildlife act and they contacted a conservation officer. The conservation officer followed Legebokoff`s trucks tracks and it let right to the dead body of Loren Leslie.
  After his DNA was taken it connected him to the death of 3 other women from the area Jill Stacey Stuchenko, Cynthia Frances Maas and Natasha Lynn Montgomery. 

Legebokoff Claims He Never Acted Alone: Legebokoff claims that he never killed anyone. He claims that a drug dealer killed 3 of the women and that Leslie had killed herself. He will not name the 3 drug dealers though he only refers to them as X, Y, and Z. His reasoning for not naming the drug dealers is because he knew he was going to prison and was scared to go there being labelled as a rat. 
  He claims while he was living in a basement suite he was having a large party where he met X. A drug dealer.who Legebokoff claims introduced him to cocaine. Then on a later date when his roommates were away X showed up with 5 others. One of them being Y and the other being Jill Stuchenko. They were all sitting on the couch doing rails of coke off a CD case. Legebokoff and Stuchenko starting chatting it up then eventually went into his room where they had consensual sex. He also claims that he did not know she was a prostitute at that time.
  After Legebokoff and Stuchenko returned out to the living room X pulled out a crack pipe. All of them smoked crack for almost 2 hours. Legebokoff also says this was his first time eve smoking crack.
  Then the other visitors left and it was just X, Y, Stuchenko, and Legebokoff left at the suite. Eventually Legebokoff and Y went into a bedroom to have a smoke while X and Stuchenko were left in the living room. But eventually X came into the room and said Stuchenko had to be killed as she owed him alot of money. X grabbed a pipe and hit Stuchenko on the head repeatedly and then choked her.
  They took all her clothes off and then threw those along with her purse in a garbage bag. He then says X and Y put Stuchenko`s body in the back of their pick up truck and dumped her off at a gravel pit. He said threw the garbage bag with her stuff in it at a dumpster at the mall. The next day he drove to Fort St. James and had thanksgiving supper with his parents.
  After the murder Legebokoff says he never seen Y for a year but continued to hang out and party with X. Also still buy drugs from X and also deliver them for him. He eventually move out of the basement suite and into an apartment. One night in the apartment X came over with Y and another person a woman named Cindy Maas. They all were smoking crack and then X got up with Maas and went into the dining room around the corner. 
  Legebokoff then says he heard a slap, then a loud smack, then a thud. Legebokoff got up and noticed Maas lying on the floor. He then said X left and Y and himself put Maas`s body in the cab of his truck. He then said Y hit her with a pick Iron 3 or 4 times. Y then dumped her body in the bush. Legebokoff then drove Y to his house and said he never seen him again.
  By this time Legebokoff says he was concerned for his safety so he had an axe by his door. He even started using drugs heavily at work.
  Just a couple days later X came by with Z. This is the first time Legebokoff says he had ever met Z. They were also accompanied with a woman named Natasha Montgomery. They all started smoking crack. Then when Montgomery went to the bathroom X said that she was going to be dead. Then Z handed X a metal pipe and he hit Montgomery in the face when she left the bathroom. Then she ran for a bedroom X choked her to death as Z and Legebokoff watched. Then X dragged her into the kitchen and grabbed a knife and slit her throat.
  He also said X grabbed the axe which Legebokoff says he doesn`t know what he did with it. He then said X and Z packed up with Montgomery`s body in bed sheets and then left. Montgomery's body has never been found.
  The other murders may be hard to believe but they are quite possible. But how he explains killing Loren Leslie seems a little impossible. He says when they turned off the gravel road Leslie started acting weird and hitting herself in the face with her fists and a wrench. She then got out of the truck and dropped to the ground. She had a knife in her stomach which happened to be one from Legebokoffs truck. He claims she was still moving a bit so he hit her in the head with the wrench.
  He said he panicked and didnt know what to do so he grabbed some items and put them in his truck.  He also said her pants came off and a shoe came off as he dragged her.
  Legebokoff also says he had sex with Leslie a few times before but not that night and that he never sexually assaulted any victim.
The Victims:
Loren Donn Leslie: Loren from was only 15 when she died on behalf of CodyLegebokoff. 
Her body was found on a logging road just outside of Prince George, B.C near Vanderhoof. Just 2 days before her death her mother even told her daughter not to take rides from strangers and for any of you not familiar with the location of where Leslie was killed this in on the  infamous highway of tears where so many other women have been murdered.
  Loren from Fraser Lake, B.C who was in grade 10 was legally blind (totally blind in one and 50% vision in the other). She was known to be kind, generous, and helpful. She was also known to be prone to depression and impulsive choices. Her mother even took her to a counsellor and one main topic they discussed was the dangers of her hitching rides. But Legebokoff was known to the Leslie family. Although Cody met Loren on the website nexopia. That area is quite small populated and Legebokoff grew up in Fraser Lake.
  There is the Loren Leslie Foundation set up to support and empower youth it can be found at the link here

Jill Stacey Stuchenko: A 35 year old mother of 5 was found dead in a gravel pit. She lived a rough life style which included drugs which were funded through prostitution. She was well known to the police but when interviewed officers said she was easy to deal with. 
It She was the first victim. At the time police figured it would be an isolated incident due to her high risk lifestyle.

Cynthia Frances Maas: Cynthia Maas was 35 at the time of her death her remains were 
found in L.C Gunn Park on October 8th, 2010. She was the second known victim. She hadn't been seen by family or friends since September 10th of that year. She was a prostitute drug addict and known to police. A pick axe found in Legebokoffs apartment had traces of Maas's DNA on it.
  Maas was also a mother.

Natasha Lynn Montgomery: Was only out of jail for 12 days until she went missing. She 
also worked in the sex trade and a drug addict. Her body was never found but traces of DNA were found at Legebokoffs apartment. She was 23 at the time of her death/disappearance but more than likely death.
  Natasha was originally from Quesnel, BC just south of Prince George. She was also the mother of a son and daughter who at the time were living with their father.

My Thoughts: I personally think he killed them all by himself. I could of bought the drug dealer story until the death of Loren Leslie. If Loren did do what he claims even if panicking most people would run into town and get help. I wish we had the death penalty here I really do he killed  beautiful women who had alot ahead of them.


Dana Ewell

Dana Ewell
   Dana Ewell had it all. But sadly wanted more.I am going to write this alot different than I usually do with posts. I will flat out say it this sick fuck killed his father, mother, and sister. Thinking he was getting a big inheritance. It took the cops 5 years to catch him but they eventually did. Dana Ewell and his friend Joel Radovich were sentenced to life in prison. My opinion they should of got the death penalty.
  Dana`s father Dale (whom he plotted to murder) Was a multi-millionaire. He owned a airplane sales company. Sadly the housekeeper entered the house to see the bodies of Tiffany 24 (Dana's sister), Glee (His mother) 57, and Dale (his father) 59 all murdered.
  There was no sign of forced entry and the alarm was turned off. Something the family never did.
  2 dedicated cops worked for 5 years to prove that Dana Ewell was involved in the cold blooded death of his family in their beautiful Fresno home. It is believed that the gunman Joel Radovich was sitting in this house waiting for the Ewell`s to return. It has been said that he was sitting on plastic and shaved of all his body hair to not leave any evidence he was there. It is believed Tiffany (Dana`s sister was killed first with a bullet to the back of the head. Then Glee (The mother was killed in the kitchen shot 4 times). Dale (the father) Came home later as he brought a plane back home. He was killed about 45 minutes later in the entrance way with mail still in his hand.
  For the first 3 years the cops gathered alot of evidence on Ewell and Radovich even cloning a pager that Radovich had. But they didn`t have enough to have the Fresno DA bring charges to the 2. Then they found out who Jack Ponce was. They found out Ponce had bought a 9mm assault rifle and just happened to be Radovich`s classmate. When detectives told Ponce he could be charged with being an accessory to murder he decided to co operate with police. He got immunity to testify.
  Ponce gave detectives details of the murder that Radovich had told him and also led them to the barrel of the assault rifle the weapon used in the murders.
Culprits: Dana Ewell (Born January, 28th 1971): Was sentenced to 3 life sentences for the triple murder of his father, mother, and sister. He was 21 at the time in 1992. This occurred in Fresno, California. It is rumoured that Dana and his father had a fallout as Dana lied to his school (Santa Clara University) that he was a multi millionaire that owned his fathers business.
  Although at the time of the murders Dana had a valid alibi. He was in Santa Clara with his girlfriend and her parents, Monica Zent. I will get into her later.
  After the death of his family Dana was furious when he found out he would not receive any money until he would be 35. It was then that his uncle thought that he had something to do with the deaths.
  Dana also lived in his parents house after their murders. There was still blood and brain matter on the walls. If someone killed my family I would want protective custody. This guy as I heard described is as dirty as the dirt.
  Dana Ewell's neighbour in prison is Charles Manson. Dana also claims that he has now found religion in prison. He still claims that he is innocent. You can be his pen pal at this link 

Joel Radovich: Dana Ewell got his friend and class mate Joel Radovich (pictured above) to kill his family.

Ernest Jack Ponce:  This is the man that supplied Radovich with the murder weapon. He also hid evidence after the crime. He was granted immunity for testifying against Ewell and Radovich. It is still unkown if he was in the Ewell house at the time of the murders.
  Ponce is now a lawyer in Orange County.

Monica Zent: It is unknown if she had any knowledge of the crimes. She was Dana`s girlfriend at the time of the murders. Dana was also at her house when the murders occurred. Dana also paid for some of her tuition when she was at San Diego State University. Her father was an FBI agent. She is now a lawyer just like Ponce.

Sentencing: On May 12th, 1998 Ewell and Radovich were sentenced to life in prison. Ponce got off for his testimony and immunity he received for doing so. Ewell told Radovich he would give him money for killing his parents. He also paid for helicopter lessons for Radovich.

Other Tidbits on the Case:
Dana Ewell #P-04759
Corcoran (4A4R-16L)
PO Box 3476
Corcoran, CA 93212-3476 USA

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Richmond, VA Murder Spree

2006 Richmond, Virginia Murder Spree

Virginia authorities said 39-year-old inmate Ricky Gray was pronounced dead at 9:42 p.m. following a lethal injection at the Greensville Correctional Center in Jarratt.Asked if he had any final words before the death sentence was carried out, Gray responded, “Nope.”Gray was sentenced to death in 2006 for the murders of 9-year-old Stella Harvey and 4-year-old sister Ruby, and to life in prison for the slayings of their parents, Bryan and Kathryn Harvey. 
No fucking remorse typical nigger. He probably hates whites. Imagine if he had no white people around he would still live in a hut made of cow shit. Niggers are so fucking stupid.

  In January of 2006 2 men Ray Joseph Dandridge and Ricky Javon Gray went on a murderous rampage killing 7 people. They are also linked to 2 other murders that occurred in late 2005 which brings their kill count to 9.

The Harvey Family Murders
 On January 1st 2006 Dandridge and Gray along with a female accomplice 21 year old Ashley Baskerville were looking for a house to rob. They found the home of Bryan 49 and Kathryn 39 Harvey. Bryan was a well known local musician and Kathryn owned a local toy shop. They were at home with their 2 children daughters Stella 9 and Ruby 4.
When the police arrived at the Harvey's home which at this time was on fire the fire department put the fire out.  They found 4 dead bodies in the basement which were those of Bryan, Kathryn, Stella, and Ruby. It was determined that Bryan and Kathryn died of blunt force trauma to the head. Bryan was hit over the head with a hammer a total of 6 times and his neck was cut in a sawing like motion. Kathryn was stabbed and also had saw like motions to her neck. Stella 9 died of smoke inhalation and blunt force trauma to the head. Stella was also stabbed in the neck but was alive when the fire started. Ruby 4 died of stab wounds one which punctured her lung she was also stabbed in the throat. While Dandridge and Grey were inside robbing and killing the Harvey's Ashley Baskerville was waiting outside as a look out.
  Stella the oldest daughter was not actually in the home when Dandridge and Gray first entered the home through the front unlocked door. She was at a friends house at a slumber party. There was a knock on the door and a family friend dropped off Stella. Gray allowed Kathryn to answer the door but told her if she said anything he would kill her family.

Home Invasion: 2 days later on January 3rd, 2006 at 7pm Dandridge, Gray, and Baskerville entered an elderly couples home owned by the Gollsbys in Chesterfield, Virginia. They entered the house by pretending to ask for directions. Once inside they stole several items including a computer, television, DVD player, and $800 in cash. They never harmed the couple physically.

The Baskerville-Tucker Family Murders: 3 days after the home invasion Dandridge, Gray, and Baskerville entered the home of Ashleys mother and step-father Percyell Tucker and Mary Baskerville-Tucker. Purcyell 55 was a forklift operator and Mary 46 worked at a dry
cleaners. It is unknown if Ashley was forced into the house or thought of killing and robbing her mother and step father. Although Dandridge and Gray did say in confessions that she was willingly pretending to be bound to pretend like she was a victim also. She thought they would let her live. Then Gray said he got tired of her and decided to kill her and steal her parents car. Either way all 3 were ended up dead. Purcyell and Mary were found with their throats slashed and had plastic bags duct taped around their heads. Ashley was found with a plastic bag duct taped around her head.
  Percyell and Ashley were also found with socks stuffed into their mouths.
 Ashley was also the one who provided Dandridge and Gray with a key so they could enter her parents residence.

Captures: One day after the Baskerville-Tucker murders on January 7th, 2006. Dandridge and Gray were arrested in Philadelphia. They were arrested at Dandridges fathers house.
  Right after being arrested Dandridge confessed to the Baskerville-Tucker murders. Then 12 hours later Gray asked to talk to a detective and provided him with a 3 page long confession on how he killed the Harvey's with a knife and a claw hammer. He then admitted to a 2005 murder of his wife Treva who was killed while Dandridge held her down.

Trials: Dandridge went on trial in Pennsylvania while Gray went on trial in Virginia. On February 9th, 2006 Gray was charged with 5 counts of capital murder. He was charged in the Harvey's killing and the murder of his ex wife. Dandridge was charged with 3 counts of capital murder for the Baskerville-Tucker murders. A case where Gray pleaded not guilty to. Gray was sentenced to death. Dandridge got a life sentence.

Ashley Baskerville (Born August 18th, 1984): Ashley Baskerville was 21 at the time of her murder and the murders committed. She acted as a look out for the Haves murder. She was also identified by the homeowners as being in the house during the home invasion in Chesterfield, Virginia. At the time of her death she was also wearing Bryan Harvey's wedding band. It is believed that she was romantically involved with both Dandridge and Gray.
  Ashley had a history of drug abuse and was also just released from jail. She was known to be very disrespectful and referred to many as a loud mouth. She had a very bad relationship with her step father Percyell Tucker.
Hang out and live like a thug gangster. Die like a thug gangster.
Ray Joseph Dandridge (1977): Ray Joseph Dandridge was 28 years old at the time of the murders. Ray Dandridge was just released from prison in Early November of 2005 after serving a 10 year prison sentence for robbery. Dandridge is Gray's nephew.
  Ray Dandridge is currently serving a life sentence at Red Onion State Prison.

Ricky Javon Gray (Born March 9th, 1977): Ricky Javon Gray was 28 years old at the time of the murders. Gray is Dandridges uncle. Gray was known to go by the street name Cooley. Gray was also charged with robbery in 1996, distribution of crack cocaine in 2000, and possession of crack cocaine in 2002.
  Ricky Gray is currently on death row at Sussex State Prison. There is actually a scumbag lawyer is is trying to get this piece of shit waste of skin spared the death penalty. He should be lethally injected too. His lawyer must be just as cold and heartless as Gray. Because Gray keeps trying to fight this death penalty.

Other Crimes: November 5th, 2005 the badly beaten body of 35 year old Treva Terrell Gray
was found by a passerbyer in a shallow grave in Washington, Pennsylvania. Dandridge held Treva down while Gray beat her with a pipe. She was married to Gray whom she knew was a former convict and lived in a home that her family owned with her husband Gray and Dandridge.
  Police questioned Gray and Dandridge about Trevas death but did not consider them suspects at the time. Trevas parents said that the police did a horrible job with investigating their daughters death even going as far as to say that she died of a drug overdose. A homicide investigation was not even launched into Trevas death until Gray's confession.
  Then a little more than a month later Sheryl Warner a 37 year old legal secretary and mother of 3 was found dead. She was found shot and hanging by an electrical cord while her house was on fire in the town of Reva, Virginia. She was on the phone with her father and left telling him that there was a motorist outside having car problems.
   Then the day before the Harvey's murder on new years eve 2005. Ryan Carey 26 was attacked by Dandridge and Gray. The beating occurred in front of his parents house and he was beaten and stabbed in the chest and neck. He spent 2 weeks in a coma. He also lost the use of his right arm. Their motive appeared to be robbery.

Here is a preview to a movie about the crimes.

Some References:

Margo Freshwater

Margo Freshwater
Margo Freshwater
Glenn Nash
  In 1966 Margo Freshwater only a teenager at the time met a 41 year old lawyer named Glenn Nash. Nash was a corrupt paranoid lawyer who was being investigated by the Memphis Bar Association for illegal misconduct. The reason Margo went to meet with the lawyer is because she needed to get her then boyfriend out of jail. She had no money to pay him and Nash agreed to take on the case Pro  Bono.  And soon after Margo began to start having a sexual relationship with Nash.
   Nash and Margo went on a tri-state crime spree. They robbed a liquor store in where Nash took the clerk into the back room and accused him of being a spy for the bar association. Nash tied him up in the back and shot him 5 times in the head while Margo served a customer. The mans name was Hillman Robbins he left behind a wife and 2 children. Margo and Nash left the store with $600.
  Almost 2 weeks later they went down to Florida and robbed and killed a convience store clerk. The clerks name was Esther Bouyea Nash had shot her in the neck.
  They abandoned the car and then were picked up by a cab driver named C.C Surrat and they shot him to death. Shortly after Surrat's death the couple was found at a bus station in Greenville, Mississippi and arrested. Nash was declared mentally insane and could not stand trial for the murders. Nash was actually released and returned to his wife who he was married to while having an affair with Margo.
  Margo Freshwater went on trial for murder but her defence was that she was imprisoned by Nash. She also said that Nash threatened to kill her family if she tried to escape. She was sentenced to 99 years in prison for the murder of Hillman Robbins.
  While incarcerated Margo and another inmate Faye Fairchild climbed a barbwire fence hitched a ride and then disappeared. They went from Tennessee to Baltimore, Maryland where they parted ways. Fairchild was arrested shortly after (less than a month later) in Chicago but Margo managed to elude authorities for 32 years.

Margo Freshwater: Margo Freshwater grew up in Worthington which was a suburb of Columbus, Ohio to a working middle class family. She had 2 brothers one older and one younger. Her father walked out on the family when she was 5. Her mother sold real estate to keep a roof over the children's heads. Margo's mother was known to have a serious drinking problem. Margo was an excellent swimmer and a star on her high school track team. She was described as a tomboy in high school who hung around with just a small circle of friends. She ended up dropping out of high school when she got pregnant and only kept the baby for 2 weeks before ultimately giving it up for adoption.
   Later on she met a boyfriend who was a bad egg and it ultimately changed her life forever. His name was Al Schlereth not exactly the type of guy you want your daughter dating. He had already served time in an Ohio State prison for robbery. He was described as a thug who liked to gamble.
  Eventually Schlereth got arrested in Memphis, Tennessee and Margo hoped on the bus and went down there to help him out. Thats where she met Glen Nash mistake number 2 in her life.

Glenn Nash: Glenn Nash was a chain smoking heavy boozer. He was 41 23 years Margo's senior at the time they committed the crimes. He was a lawyer who was being investigated by the Memphis Bar Association for illegal acts.
  Glenn Nash is still alive and lives with his wife in West Memphis, Arkansas. He is deemed legally insane.
Margo Freshwaters Capture: Margo Freshwater was arrested in Columbus, Ohio in 2002 32 years later ironically enough the city she grew up in. She was living under the name Tonya Hudkins McCartor a married mother of 3 who also had 7 grandchildren. She was arrested outside a athletic club. No one in her family had a clue about her criminal past. She was taken back to the same Tennessee prison that she escaped from 32 years earlier.
  While free Margo or Tonya as known know was licenced to sell insurance and also could drive a semi truck like her husband Daryl McCartor who was her second husband.
Margo left in 1970 and right in 2002
Margo Freshwater Now: In May of 2011 the Tennessee court of criminal appeals reversed her conviction and she was awarded a new trial. She answered a special guilty plea and was released from prison.

Some Other Notes:
  • While on the run Margo often would go to Nashville and Memphis as a tourist.
  • Margo worked as a babysitter while staying in Memphis and having her affair with Nash.

Some References:

Blind River Rest Stop Murders

Blind River Rest Stop Murders
     On June 28th, 1991 Gord and Jaqueline McAllister(from Lindsay, Ontario), who were married for 39 years were sleeping in their motor home at a rest area in Blind River, Ontario. Suddenly at around 1am a man knocked on their door claiming to be a police officer and told them that they had to move the vehicle. Jaqueline went to open the door and a man brandishing 2 guns said "First I am going to rob you, then I am going to kill you". At the time Gord McAllister didn't think that the man would shoot them. He took some rings as Jaqueline pleaded not to be killed the man shot her in the chest. Gord was able to jump from the motorhome and roll under it and hide.
  While the man was getting ready to flee the scene a car pulled up driven by a 29 year old father named Brian Major. He was fatally shot by the gun man through the front windshield. The gunman then got into his van and drove off a van that was spotted speeding and driving erratically at the time out of the rest stop heading east. The witness who seen the van could not tell if it had American or Canadian plates. It was heading east towards Sudbury, Ontario.
  Gordon who unknown at the time had also been shot in the back and ended up going to the road to get help. Jaqueline McAllister and Brian Majors were already dead at this time. Gordon was able to help make a police composite of the gunman.
Suspects: Pictured above on the left is the composite that Gordon McAllister gave to police of the gunman. The man on the right is the main suspect in this case and his name is Ronald Glenn West (Born 1947) a retired police officer from Toronto, Ontario. He lived in the Blind River area at the time of the murders. He is also accused of murdering 2 women in 1970. West is currently serving 2 life sentences for a bunch of robberies and the murders of the 2 women in 1970 as of 1999. He didn't admit to killing the 2 women until 2001. Although it is believed that West was the killer he has never been charged in the murders. While incarcerated West is kept in a private cell for personal safety. Due to the fact he is an ex-cop, sex slayer, and suspected of attacking seniors.
  In 1970 West was convicted of killing 2 nurses in what police call sex slayings. They were Doreen Moorby 34 and Helen Ferguson 38. They were both from Toronto.
  When Jaqueline McAllister and Brian Major were murdered West was living in Blind River with his second wife and 2 teenaged sons.
  West also served 4 years of an 8 year prison term in 1995 for a string of robberies in the Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario area.
The Van blue van seen speeding away.
Brian Major: 29 year old Brian Major was a father and resident of Elliot Lake, Ontario who just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time, but then again so were the McAllisters.

Jaqueline McAllister: Jaqueline McAllister was 59 at the time of her death.
Gord McAllister: Later remarried Suzanne Willis. Gord McAllister was 62 at the time of the killings. He was shot in the back and survived. Sadly on February 14th, 2012 Gord passed away never knowing the truth about his wife's murder.

My Thoughts: I am certain it was Ronald West who committed the crimes. It makes the most amount of sense. He was also rumoured to own a blue van at the time of the murders and does fit the description well. It is too bad that Gord McAllister couldn't of had closure before he died.  West should be in jail for the rest of his life which is a good thing.

Some References: